Using Linkers
Select the appropriate linking word and fill in the blanks:
1. You should not travel alone during nights because / therefore there are many robbers around.
Right option!
2. Indian culture is exemplary; whereas / similarly Indians are honest and industrious people.
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3. We sat there chatting happily, while / meanwhile the youngsters danced.
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4. I should first/ now get a job; and then, I can think of marriage.
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5. I first saw Ameer Khan in Kaho na Pyaar Hai; after that / before that I did not miss any of his films.
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6. I love spending my time chatting on the net unlike / whereas my brother hates it.
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7. He met with an accident in which his leg was injured. yet / however he drives very fast.
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8. The government has given them scholarships to study. further / also it has promised them suitable employment.
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9. Fortunately, we have a good teacher. She makes learning very interesting and easy for us. She gives us tasks to solve. She loves us and takes good care of us. in brief /thus, she is like a god mother to us.
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10. First, read the whole paragraph carefully. Secondly, read it for the details and then read the questions on the paragraph, later skim through the paragraph for needed information; and eventually / finally, answer the questions.
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Choose the appropriate linking word and match the ideas in the left column with the ideas in the right column:

yet, moreover, therefore, but, when, while



We were watching TV 1) 2)


one visits Africa.


I am good at linguistics 1) 2)


I missed my train.


I do not like the house 1) 2)


I cannot write poetry.


It is essential to take yellow fever vaccine 1) 2)


the neighbourhood is not very clean


Her husband does not care for her 1) 2)


she loves him.


I was late by about 10 minutes 1) 2)


the robber entered from back door.

Right option!

Right option!
Complete the following paragraphs by choosing the appropriate linking word:

i. as a result, however, but, likewise, though

Indians honour the institution of marriage, recently there has been a big increase in the divorce rate. These days men and women seek divorce on flimsy grounds. there is tremendous social pressure on couples to stay together they seem to prefer independence to married life. People have started accepting it as a reality of modern life. our society is going through a transition. , many social analysts think that high divorce rate is not in the best interest of our society in the long run.
Right option!

ii. next, for example, however, secondly, finally, thirdly

Linking words help us in many ways in writing. , they help us in presenting our ideas in a meaningful way. , they help us to introduce and develop the main idea of the paragraph. , they help us to illustrate and add supporting details. , they help us in moving from one idea to another by binding one sentence with another. , they help us to understand the ideas presented in the paragraph. , using too many linking words ruins the structure and coherence of the paragraph.
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