Using Linkers
Select the appropriate linking word and fill in the blanks:
1. My mother looks after the servants very well; similarly / but the servants are faithful to her.
Right option!
2. Transportation has developed a lot in India; likewise / whereas the trade too has improved.
Right option!

when /then the Prime Minister finished his speech the audience gave a standing ovation.

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4. We went for a long drive. It was a four lane highway. The weather was very pleasant. Sudheer was at his best entertaining us. Priya, at times, elated us with her sweet voice. We enjoyed hot and spicy food at an ethnic restaurant. In sum / on the whole, our trip was memorable.
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India has to overcome many problems to keep pace with the developed countries. For example / in this situation, it has to control population growth, improve its economy and increase its literacy rate.

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6. Some of the students scored low ranks in the exams; so that / consequently, the teacher arranged remedial classes.
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7. First listen to the lecture, before that / after that raise a question during the discussion.
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8. Please relax; in the meantime / then I will lay the table for dinner.
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9. A career in IT field is lucrative, similarly / at the same time it is stressful and it can even be harmful to one’s health.
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10. Hyderabad is a great tourist destination and also / furthermore it is a convenient place for shopping.
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Choose the appropriate linking word and mach the ideas in the left coloumn with ideas with right coloumn:
after, whereas, then, before, and, still, however


First I should complete my homework 1) 2)


I managed to climb up the stairs.


Dogs chase cats 1) 2)


I completed my university degree.


I like to drive 1) 2)


the guests arrive.


I joined the job 1) 2)


cats chase mice.


There is no power 1) 2)


I can think of joining you for dinner.


Clean up the mess in the drawing room 1) 2)


my friend prefers to fly.

Right option!

Right option!
Complete the following paragraphs by choosing the appropriate linking word:

i. likewise, therefore

Raja and Rani are made for each other. Raja dearly loves Rani; , Rani adores Raja.
Right option!

ii. in the end,  first, then,  second, in addition to

We began our dinner with soup and starters. , we ordered tanduri roti, pulauv and spicy vegetable curries. , we had delicious ice-cream for dessert. this we had Calcutta pan .
Right option!.
iii. in contrast, likewise,  however, for instance, although, similarly, thus, even, further
Hinduism is practiced by the vast majority of Indians, India declared itself a secular state to a couple of countries in its neighbourhood. It has ensured equal treatment to all the religions. , it has given all its citizens the right to practice the religion of their choice and the right to build their places of worship. , it has officially declared holidays on the important festivals of all the important religions. Dessera and Diwali are holidays for all. Christmas and Ramadan too are holidays for all Indians. The common observance of these holidays helps us in forging brotherly bonds among the followers of various religions.
Right option!.