Using Intensifiers-1
Match the actions and adverbs:
1. angrily a. making mistakes
2. luckily b. handle the crockery
3. badly c. running after fashions
4. violently d. waiting for the results
5. crazily e. affected coastal Andhra
6. gently f. shouting at the servant
7. frequently g. got a lottery
8. eagerly h reacted to the judgment
Put the adverbs in the right order in the following descriptions:
1. legibly/illegibly
Shyam writes
2. smartly dressed/ shabbily dressed
Hrithik Roshan is always
3. skillfully arranged/clumsily fastened
This flower bouquet is.
4. eating greedily/eating stylishly
The young lady is
5 driving carelessly/driving cautiously
The young man is
Exercise 3
Choose the correct forms:

Last fortnight I tried skating. It was an (absolute/absolutely) exciting experience in the beginning. But later (while/when) the climate became (terrible/terribly) cold, I started shivering. I skidded (sudden/suddenly) and got injured. I became nervous. The next day I sat (quiet/quietly) in my room. My friend came to enquire about my absence. He seemed (very/highly) unhappy about my
reluctance. He cheered me up and I (courageous/courageously) began the practice once again.