Using Intensifiers-1
Identify the intensifiers or adverbs in the following sentences:
1. The economies of the world have been badly affected during the recent recession.
2. The birthday cake is very delicious.
3. The Indian Army units proudly presented their carefully organized show at the Republic Day parade.
4. I had a dispute with my boss, so I quit my job immediately.
5. These attractive flower vases are reasonably priced.
Identify the adverb in the following sentences and show what it tells about verb:
1. The young boy and girl secretly married.
2. I got up early to book my railway ticket online in tatkal quota.
3. The children threw their toys everywhere in the house.
4. The NSS volunteers worked diligently to beautify the college campus.
5. The guests will return late in the night.
6. These days many youngsters are going abroad for higher studies.
Choose the correct word from the alternatives given and complete the following description:
quickly, today, cheaply, so, while, specially, slowly, very, differently, effectively
Microwave oven is a common kitchen appliance (1) .It helps in heating or cooking food. It may not be (2) useful to make conventional Indian food but it is very effective in heating food (3) and (4) . One has to use (5) and (6) made containers.Otherwise, there is a danger of explosion. (7) one has to be careful
(8) using it.