Using Describing Words - 2
There is an order or rhythm for every expression in English. There is thus an order in using adjectives as well. Let us learn it in this lesson.
What are the guiding principles to be followed in using descriptive words or adjectives when there is more than one of them?
They are genarally used in the following order:quantity→opinion→size→age→shape→colour→origin→material→purpose
A descriptive adjective is followed by an opinion adjective.
Example: a beautiful red rose.
Here, both beautiful and red are descriptive adjectives.
Beautiful is an opinion adjective and this opinion may differ from person to person. Red is a specific adjective that defines the rose. Hence, when more than one descriptive adjective are used certain guiding principles must be followed. That way the universally accepted expression in using English language can be ensured.
Example of the sequence of multiple adjectives in chart form:
Quantity Opinion Size Age Shape Colour Origin Material Purpose Noun
five   huge young   black Canadian     bears
  battered   old shapeless gray   cotton work pants
many magnificent   antique     British   reference books
one Studious   teenaged     American     boy
few shiny     round blue Indian     gems
many well-made tiny   elongated brown   wooden fishing boats
several cheap large     purple   polyester sleeping bags