Topic Sentence
Choose the topic sentence for the following paragraphs:
1. _____________________________. My mother takes good care of me. She makes tasty dishes for me. She helps me in studying. She takes me out on every weekend.
  I love my mother.                 My mother works hard.
Right option!
2. _____________________________. Computers help us process information fast. They can read, store and retrieve data. They make our jobs easy.
  Computers have memory. Computers are very helpful.
3. _____________________________. A balanced diet keeps us active and healthy. It contains carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, salts and fibre. It contains all these things in the right proportion.
  Balanced diet keeps us healthy and happy. Balanced diet contains carbohydrates.
4. _____________________________. Hobbies are pursued on interest and are a spare time activity. They offer us amusement and relaxation. Reading, music, gardening and stamp collection are some hobbies one can pursue.
  Hobbies are a great past time. Stamp collecting is an interesting hobby.
Right option!
5. _____________________________. Pet animals give great company. They please us and also relieve our stress. Some pet animals guard the house and protect us.
  Pet animals make us feel better. Pet animals need to be treated with care.
Right option!