Concluding Sentence
Select the right concluding sentence from the choices given below:
1. Physically attractive people always seem to get some extra attention. People approach them more positively. Physical attraction plays a significant role in judging people in matters of employment, social opportunities, friendship, sexual behavior, and marriage. In many cases, people attribute positive characteristics, such as intelligence and honesty, only to beautiful and attractive people. Besides, they fail to give any empirical reasons for such conclusions. Physical beauty may have its own strengths but it is not without certain limitations. It is important not to be biased in our judgment because physical beauty is only skin deep.
We should not judge people by their looks.
Physical beauty is an asset.
2. Diary writing is a good way of keeping track of what we do. Some people write their dairy regularly and some do it occasionally during their spare time. Writing a diary is also useful to improve free expression of thoughts and ideas which would otherwise be unstructured and suppressed in the mind. It also helps us plan things for future and review our progress. It also helps us in sharpening our memory as we recall the events of the day.
Diary writing improves creative writing.
Diary writing improves our abilities of organization and introspection.
3. Email has been very influential in shaping the way we communicate. It has improved the volume and mode of communication. Email is one of the most popular uses of the Internet. It is easy to send an electronic message if we have an email account. In no time we can send information across the world to as many as we want. It not only saves time in communication but also helps us overcome many limitations like time and distance.
Email has revolutionized communication.
Email is one of the important modes of communication.
4. Shopping does not always have to involve spending money or purchasing goods. We can also do window shopping by just walking around the shops and not necessarily buying anything. In fact, the purpose of window shopping is not to spend money, but to know more about the things that are available. This means that anyone with limited budget can go on window shopping. Much of the focus is on enjoying the display at the shops and making a note of the things that are available. We can enjoy this type of shopping during a leisure hour, or while waiting for somebody.
Window shopping is thus an interesting leisure time activity.
Window shopping means not buying anything.