Concluding Sentence
Match the paragraphs in the left column with suitable topic sentences and concluding sentences in the right column:
  1. Daydreams may be about one’s ambitions, future plans, or memories about past experiences. They are often connected with some type of emotion. Some believe that day dreams are filled with positive thoughts. It can be helpful in developing new ideas especially in creative and artistic careers. However, it may be non-productive and can result in laziness and cause indiscipline in life.
Topic Sentence : Concluding Sentence:
  1. Cleanliness is thus, a very good habit which people should cultivate.
  1. There are many advantages associated with cleanliness. Cleanliness controls the spread of contaminants and makes the environment pleasant. Clean people have more chances of being immune to contagious diseases. Being unhygienic makes one prone to asthma, allergies and other diseases. Secondly, pollution is also caused by unhygienic habits. Further, social interactions are possible only among people who are clean.
Topic Sentence: Concluding Sentence:
  1. Kindness is a great virtue.
  1. But, it is important to learn from them.  Mistakes lead us to discovery and invention only if we honestly explore what went wrong. In fact, we should put in the right effort and not repeat our mistakes. Correcting our mistakes, in turn, helps us to find the right answer, or helps us create something better. So, we should not be afraid of acknowledging our mistakes. Failure to accept our mistakes will have serious implications.


Topic Sentence: Concluding Sentence:
  1. Day dreaming takes one too far from reality.
  1. Kindness is being charitable to the needy. It is being pleasant and tender towards others. It is a recognized moral value in many cultures and religions. Helping those around us should be an essential part of our living. One who receives help should pass it on to others. Such acts of kindness, generally, make us feel good. But, some people render help in expectation of rewards. Some others  extend a helping hand unconditionally.
Topic Sentence: Concluding Sentence:
  1. We should, therefore, admit our mistakes and learn something new every time we make a mistake
  1. The purpose of cleanliness is to look healthy and beautiful.
  1. However, being kind to others with empathy and consideration is a wonderful thing.


  1. Everyone makes mistakes.


  1. Day dreaming, whether productive or not, is far from reality.