Concluding Sentence
Choose the correct concluding sentence from the choices given below:
1. Morning walk is a simple but excellent exercise. It enhances the flow of oxygen in blood and relieves us of a lot of stress. It helps us to get rid off laziness and also induces good sleep in the night. Another additional benefit is that morning walk exposes us to fresh air which keeps us in touch with nature.
Thus morning walk does a lot of good to us.
Morning walk helps relieve stress.
2. Happiness and life style go together. Some people constantly complain about petty things. They hunger after luxuries which they cannot afford. They become frustrated and sick. Whereas some others take things easy and keep themselves happy, cool and poised. In other words, happiness can be experienced by cultivating healthy thinking.
Happy are those who take life easy.
It is always advisable to make a habit experiencing happiness naturally.
3. Play is usually associated with children. Many people consider it to be a waste of time and as something unproductive. In fact, in early years of one’s life, play plays an important role in the process of learning. Children should be provided with opportunities to play.
Children who play grow up to be intelligent.
For children play is another way to observe, participate and learn.
4. Old age, the last stage of life, is solid and at the same time fragile. It is solid because the old people carry a treasure of knowledge and experience. They are firm in their ideas and opinions. It is fragile because of the declining physical capacities. Typically, the old people are more affected by a feeling of being old than being physically old.
The old people need our attention, love and care.
The old people demand protection.