Supporting Details -2

Fill in the blanks with the most sutable supporting sentence from the list provided below each paragraph:

1. School is our second home. It gives us friends and teachers.--------------------- It is an institution supervised by teachers. The school curriculum is the foundation of our educational life.
  Reading is very boring.
  It is a place for learning and growing.
  My school is on the top of a hill.
  School is where we have fun.
Right option!
2. Gardening is my hobby. I love growing plants. It is fun to grow vegetables and fruits.--------------------- It is also healthy to eat garden vegetables and fruits if proper care is taken.
  Gardening is done on small scale whereas farming is done on large scale.
  Ornamental plants are very attractive.
  Growing such vegetables and fruits can also be an income supplement.
  Medicinal plants can also be grown in home gardens.
3. Physical exercise enhances our health. It improves both our physical and mental health. It increases our immunity. ---------------------It also helps us in weight reduction. It improves our overall well-being.
  It helps us fight diseases with greater stamina and energy.
  Physical exercise also gives us good muscle tone.
  Some exercises improve oxygen intake.
  Physical exercise also helps us fight heart diseases.
4. Sunlight is important for life on earth. It helps the plants in photosynthesis. The human body produces vitamin D from sunlight.---------------------Sunlight even helps us in fighting some diseases.
  Solar energy can be saved in many ways.
  Exposure to sunlight on a hot day may result in sun burns.
  Insufficient exposure to sunlight may result in vitamin D deficiency.
  Some people tan their skin.