Identify the appropriate describing words and complete the following paragraph:

1. sweet / dear/ affectionate
2. first / early / beginning
3. own / personal / private
4. sad / grievous / tragic
5. nourishing / entertaining / cherishing
Childhood memories are (1) and soulful. Generally, all of us have some memories from our (2) years. These are like our (3) treasure in the sands of time. Though some moments may be (4) they are times of learning. They add a different dimension in the way we look at our own life. Refreshing childhood memories is a very (5) past time.
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Identify the appropriate adverbs or intensifiers and complete the following paragraph:
1. severely / dangerously / hardly
2. hurriedly / instantly / quickly
3. grievously / really / badly
Making way for an ambulance is saving lives. Ambulances carry sick people or the (1) injured. As emergency vehicles, they get the highest priority on roads. Road users should clear the right side of the road to (2) make way for the ambulance. Delaying an ambulance by not giving way can (3) put a life at risk.
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Identify the appropriate linkers or transitions and complete the following paragraph:
1. really / indeed / certainly
2. further /additionally / otherwise
3. accordingly / then / thus

Learning a second language is very advantageous. (1) , it has almost become essential in some countries like India and China. A second language gives us a chance of reading books and gaining knowledge which may not be available in first language. (2) , it helps us understand a different culture. (3) , the second language expands our social interactions, prospects in career, scope for growth and travel convenience.

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Identify the logical order of the sentences to make a coherent paragraph:
(1)A piano is a famous musical instrument. (2) It is useful in both composing and rehearsal of a tune. (3) Though technically complicated with many parts, it is easy to learn. (4) It is also useful to compose music for all other instruments. (5) Piano is, therefore, considered a versatile and popular musical instrument. (6) It is a stringed instrument and it is played with the help of a key board.
a) b) c) d) e) f)
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