Identify the appropriate topic sentence for the following paragraph from the alternatives :

. They are known for their compact size and portability. Desktop computers give us access to information and laptops help us carry this facility everywhere to our advantage. Laptops support most of the features that are normally required for information processing. They, thus, help us handle information efficiently. They are just right to place on the lap and work comfortably. Laptops are a very useful invention of the computer age.
a. Laptops are very favourable to those who are going on the move.
b Laptops are very helpful to those who work while they travel.
c. Laptops are very profitable to those who are operating on the move.
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Identify the supporting details in the following paragraph and arrange them in a logical sequence:

(1) Refrigerators are very useful house hold appliances for storing food. (2) They reduce the growth of micro-organisms and prevent the decay of food. (3)They are also useful in storing medicines and things that need to be maintained at lower temperatures. (4)Food is kept fresh and there is little loss of nutrients. (5) Besides, the freezer comes handy in making ice and in storing ice creams and chocolates in their proper form. (6) Fruits and vegetables too are just fine to eat if stored in refrigerators. (7) They have made storing food very easy.
  a) b) c) d) e) f) g)
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Identify the appropriate concluding sentence of the following paragraph from the alternatives given below:
Fruits and vegetables are recommended as a part of our diet. They protect and improve our energy levels. They provide minerals, fibre and are fat-free. They act as antioxidants and keep us healthy. Some fruits and vegetables control cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease.
a. Fruits and vegetables, therefore, are a basic part of healthy diet.
b. Fruits and vegetables may be are an elemental part of healthy diet.
c. Fruits and vegetables, therefore, are an integral part of healthy diet.
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Identify the unified and coherent paragraph from the following three paragraphs by clicking with the mouse :

a) The Peacock is the national bird of India. It is known for its beauty and grace. It also symbolises love and pride. It has a big tail. It occupies a great place in our culture. It is magnificent and majestic. Symbolic of many rich qualities, the peacock has taken the status of the national bird of India.
b) Peacock, the national bird of India, exemplifies beauty and grace. It is a symbol of love and pride. It has a very long and colorful tail which is fan shaped and adorned with eyes. The spectacular beauty of its large feathers, its bright colours and intricate patterns make the bird look bright and majestic. Watching the peacock dance is more than amazing. Peacock is also given a great place in our culture.
c) The peacock tail is beautiful and nice. Therefore it is our national bird. Indians regard the bird as sacred as it is associated with Lord Kumara Swamy. The bird dances beautifully with its feathers open when it rains. The flesh of the bird is very hard and difficult to digest. But it is immoral to kill our national bird. People are punished if the government comes to know about its murder. However, I like peacock.
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