Paragraph Unity and Coherence

Rearrange the set of words in each of the following groups to make coherent sentences:

1. is better than prevention cure
2. forgive to human err is, to divine is
Right option!
3. done what is be undone cannot
Right option!
4. cat is when the mice the play away will
Right option!
5. until never you a quit loser you are trying
Right option!
Ans: 1 2 3 4 5

Arrange the following jumbled sentences in a logical sequence to make a paragraph and give a suitable title:

1. It is here that we need to know about coordination and subordination.
2. As these ideas hang next to each other they call for finer and precise connections that show relationship between them.
3. When we write we do not give equal importance to all ideas.
4. Coordination means putting together ideas or things or people that are of equal rank or importance.
5. Even among supporting ideas, we have ideas of greater or lesser importance.
6. This helps us in adding one sentence to another creating a flow of ideas.
7. We make a distinction between a big general idea and other supporting ideas.
8. Some are more important than others and demand greater attention.
  i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii.
Right option!

Match the following topic sentences with the supporting details and frame coherent compositions(enter a,b,c,d):


Topic sentence

Enter a,b,c,d

Supporting details

1) Retired people can make their life interesting. a)They get professional advice and can make the right career decision. Besides, students would become fully aware of all opportunities available to them.
2)The problem of noise pollution is becoming severe these days. b)It can lead to severe backache and problems of eye sight. Besides, logging onto the internet is not always easy and sometimes one has to spend a lot of time to access information.
3)It is a good idea for students to take the advice of career counsellors. c)To begin with, they can join a social club or take up a hobby. This gives them the opportunity to meet people and also do something productive with their time.
4)There are many arguments against using the internet. d)One way of solving this is by checking cars and motorbikes on a regular basis. Another solution is to introduce high fines on motorists whose vehicles cause excessive noise. This certainly decreases the number of cars and motorbikes which disturb peace and tranquillity.
Right option!