Paragraph Unity and Coherence

Rearrange the set of words in each of the following groups to make coherent sentences:

1. But to live, not live to eat eat.
2. has every day dog to live
3. themselves God who helps who help those
4. trades all of Jack but master of none
5. policy the honesty best is
Ans: 1 2 3 4 5
Read the following viewpoints and justifications. Match them and develop them into a paragraph(enter a,b,c,d,e,f in blanks provided in the centre):




1) Fast food is an easy solution for people with busy lives. a) It is high in fat and salt; and is not fresh.
2) Fast food is unhealthy. b) Ordering fast food saves time and energy.
3) Fast food is expensive. c) People who work long hours can order on phone and take away the parcel.
4) The material used in packing fast food damages the environment. d) Money spent on fast food for a week is enough to buy groceries for two weeks.
5)Though it serves the immediate purpose, it damages both the environment and the human body. e)People who do not have civic sense throw away the plastic material everywhere around.



f) Thus, it is easily available tasty food but is equally harmful.
Right option!