1 How does this website help me write better English?
  It gives you practice in various skills and sub-skills of writing English.
2 What is a pre-test and how are the lessons in this site structured?
  Pre-test helps you assess your abilities to write. The lessons are structured in a linear order and they will offer you an opportunity for sequential learning.
3 What do I learn through the lessons provided?
  The practice exercises help you make the right choice of ideas and words to write a descriptive paragraph.
4 Do I have to learn all these lessons in a sequence?
  Yes, you have to learn in a sequence, because they are graded and structured to improve your writing abilities.
5 What do Presentation, Practice, Production and Review signify?
  Presentation explains a skill in writing. Practice prepares you to work out the exercises and Production enables you to write on your own. Finally, review is a revision of all the skills you have acquired.
6 Can I skip any of these lessons or exercises?
  No, because they are presented sequentially.
7 What type of exercises do I work on?
  You work on exercises like multiple choice questions, yes or no options, fill in the blanks, match the following, jumbled up sentences etc.
8 How do I mark the choices when the answers are more than one?
  Mark the choices one after the other after making sure that each choice is confirmed right. When the message ‘try again!’ flashes delete that choice and continue.
9 How do I know if my answers are right or wrong ?
  The check box displays the right or wrong symbol.
10 Can I take the help of anybody in doing the exercises?
  Yes, you can work with your peer group members. You can send emails and brainstorm ideas for descriptions. You can also give a topic sentence and ask your friends to add the supporting details in your descriptive paragraph.
11 How are the exercises in Production different from the exercises in Practice?
  While the exercises in Practice help you apply the basic concepts, those in Production help you write efficiently.
12 How do I know if my writing skills have improved?
  Take a post-test.