About The Course


The course offers free materials in Writing Right English and is designed for the undergraduates of Andhra Pradesh, India. The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the process of writing. It evolves the teaching and learning approach which is challenging and effective.


These 12 lessons are designed to make the learners write a descriptive paragraph. Each lesson is framed in four modules (presentation, practice, production and review) which help the learners prepare and write a descriptive paragraph. Important concepts are defined and practised. The hypertext links take the learners to their critical definitions. Voice is added selectively to illustrate relevant ideas and elucidate concepts.


The tasks planned give the learners opportunities to apply their learning. They are not intended to test their knowledge but to allow them to explain and apply their learning. As the learners work through each lesson, they can review their progress and understanding of the concepts. The lessons give them an opportunity to use their learning in real life situations.